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Meet the Team

Picture of Dusty

Dusty A Commercial Single Engine Land/Sea and Multi-engine pilot and has been an A&P mechanic since May of 2017. He is an Authorized Inspector and currently flies a Cessna 340A professionally along with his duties of running the business. He has an AA in Aviation Maintenance, and a BS in Aviation, Intercultural Studies, and Business.

Picture of Cash

Cash (The airport dog) He is a chow/lab mix and loves to bark at people and airplanes alike. While his bark may seem ferocious, he is nothing but a big baby and is trying to get your attention so that you will rub his head. Fair warning though, if you do pet him, you will from that point on be expected to continue petting him until you leave the premises.

Picture of Katie

Katie Ostermann (A&P Mechanic) A 2023 A&P Graduate from Liberty University, Katie’s inspiration and drive came at an early age through her father, Nathan, who spent much of his career as an A&P mechanic himself. A Roanoke native, Katie likes to hit the gym and hang out with her family in her free time. She also has an affinity for old trucks.

Picture of Jared

Jared Marshall (Powerplant Mechanic) Joined Foster Aviation in the fall of 2023. He graduated from Liberty University with a Bachelors in 2022 along with his Power Plant Certificate and is currently working as an apprentice Airframe Mechanic. When he isn’t working on the planes, Jared enjoys the beach, working out, eating healthily, cooking and hanging out with his friends. And yes ladies, it’s hard to believe he’s still single.

Picture of Clay

Clay Remington (Director of Maintenance) A graduate of the New River Community College, attained an AA in Business through the local ACE Scholarships program. Thanks to a spontaneous and fortunate trip to the local airport, Clay has been a part of the Foster Aviation team from the beginning. From plane washer, to apprentice, to Director of Maintenance in a few short years, aviation isn’t just a job, but an essential part of life. When he’s not busy meeting the needs of our team, he can be found at the gym or chasing that perfect golf swing.

Picture of Keren

Keren Wickey (Apprentice) Aka "Ren", is a trailblazing pilot and aspiring A&P mechanic who’s taking the aviation world by storm. With a passion for flight and mind for mechanics, Ren is working on her Private Certificate and apprenticing for her A&P with which she hopes to own/maintain her own plane someday. When she’s not flying or fixing planes, Ren can be found inspiring the next generation of aviators. Get ready for takeoff because Ren is ready to make her mark on the aviation industry.


How did the company come to be?

Foster Aviation and Mobile Maintenance started out of the need for quality aircraft maintenance at a reasonable price. Currently, there is a lack of qualified skilled labor in the Aviation Industry on both the maintenance and flight sides of the line. Our goal has, and will always be, to be able to meet the needs of the “little guy” who just wants to fly, as well as the business person traveling from A-B, and to do so with fairness and integrity in mind.

What are you up to right now?

Currently, we are still in the process of outfitting our new hangar that was purchased in Spring of 2022 in order to best meet the needs of our customers and staff.

Where do you hope to end up?

With the increasing customer base and need for a larger staff, we ultimately have plans to be able to provide the New River Valley and surrounding areas service for all of their maintenance and flight needs, including but not limited to, instruction, acquisition, and charter services.